Digital Age’s Practical and Cost Effective Consultancy Services
Digital Age is pleased to offer the following services for full or part-time, short or long term engagements:

  • I.T. Directorship.
  • Programme Management.
  • Project Management (business, system, application and infrastructure).
  • Project Auditing.
  • Business and Systems Analysis.
  • Technical Authorship.
  • Test Management.
  • I.T. Strategy and Project Support.

Often organisations simply cannot justify employing an IT Director or maintaining expensive staff.
Many organisations just require an injection of short term expertise.
Our services are here to help such companies.
In short, cost and time effective professional support from experts.

Digital Age Consulting works with ambitious, forward-thinking small and large companies deploying IT solutions to achieve operational and strategic business solutions and objectives.
We work closely with our clients to design and build IT solutions constructed from both bespoke and proven cost effective COTS (
customer off the shelf) applications within a wide range of industries using modern, mainstream technology products from leading software vendors.
At Digital Age we recognise that a business requirement is just that and as we are not associated with any particular software or hardware suppliers we pride ourselves in being able to select and implement the most cost effective business centric solutions for our clients.
Although qualified to PRINCE2: 2009 Practitioner level we do not believe that the pedantic use of formal IT methods provide either a cost effective or realistic route for implementing solutions. We do however understand that the tools such methods provide can if used pragmatically within modern AGILE development methods (we’re qualified to Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Professional) be extremely effective and allow focus on the business solution required rather than the software being provided.
We are pragmatic, results-oriented and highly flexible in the way we work. From the delivery of complete, integrated solutions, the supply of a single skilled individual through to the supply of customised one day knowledge bridging training and consultancy,
Digital Age offers a truly cost effective blend of skills and experience.

The Digital Age Delivery Process (DADP)

The DADP delivers business solutions iteratively over very short timeframes, the timeframes obviously vary from engagement to engagement but rarely exceed four weeks.
We typically start with a one day solution scoping exercise, which is undertaken without charge or the obligation to continue. The output from this activity is a brief project initiation document (PID) which contains a description of the engagement, a summary of what is in and out of scope, a prioritised list of functionality, a list of stakeholders, an impact overview, issues and risks already identified, and a high level plan for the next stage.

We will leave this project initiation document with you for you to use as you see fit. It is of course our wish that you continue working with us for the remainder of the project and should you do so we will then typically spend another day with you refining the PID to ensure it truly meets your needs and that the scope of the engagement is clearly defined from cost, time and deliverables perspectives.
It is then from this point onwards that a consultant will be assigned, your internal team will be defined and work will start on the detailed requirements gathering, design, procurement, customisation, testing and delivery of the first implementation. Also at this time the scope of any following iterations and upgrades will be set in line with your business strategy. The sizes of teams vary between each project and we work closely with you to achieve the optimum team without unduly interfering with your day-to-day operations.

Minimising Cost and Risk

Agile developments are proven lower cost and low risk means of achieving the rapid delivery of key business needs and we are confident that our delivery process which takes the best of practises from the primary methods (Scrum, Kanban, Atern (DSDM) and Prince) delivers maximum payback for minimum effort, cost and risk
At Digital Age we understand our new customers’ initial apprehension and we recognise that engaging a new IT consultancy is for the early stage of any project a worrying time. We also know that many consultancies, software providers and suppliers will only undertake such work on a time and materials basis ensuring that the client takes all the commercial risk.
To demonstrate confidence in our ability to rapidly deliver meaningful solutions to our customers’ satisfaction we are able to commit to undertake our first delivery at a low fixed price cost, ensuring you know exactly what you’re getting for exactly what price. This of course will vary from project to project, however we will price this first delivery upon the agreed project initiation document which as previously stated will be provided at no cost. Beyond this first delivery we will be happy to work on a time and materials basis at our preferred client rate or quote fixed prices.
Digital Age provides the above service to allow you the customer to realise a low cost and low risk introduction to the Agile development world and our
Digital Age Delivery Process, to find out more and have one of our principle consultants contact you for an informal chat please complete the “Contact” form on this site, marking your “Areas of Interest” as “DADP”.

We look forward to hearing from you and becoming an integral part of your future success.